Thursday, April 14, 2011


This is Sean. Ran into him today while walking around downtown. Originally from Florida, Sean has lived here for 16 years now (it seems as though no one is actually from Raleigh). He is just as friendly and outgoing as he appears. Fittingly, Sean bartends at Busy Bee, a very popular restaurant with a great selection of beer. Draft Magazine included them in their 100 America's Best Beer Bars. Being a beer lover, I embarrassingly had to admit that I had never visited his establishment. When he isn't working, you'll probably find Sean painting. Painting is his passion and he holds a couple of shows a year to show off his work - I will definitely make sure to visit next time. He's also planning a little business venture with a friend. A lemonade stand. Yepp, that's right. He's planning on having a band playing live music next to the stand as well. Considering Sean is a bartender, I imagine it won't be your average "lemonade" stand. Sean is #29 in my 100 Strangers project. 

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