Thursday, April 14, 2011


This is what she would do all day if she could. I work from home and I normally I just open the door to our yard where she plops down to bask in the sun. The days of free roaming around the house are gone. She ran away earlier this week. When I walked out to bring her back in, she was gone. She has never ran away before. As most westies, she's terribly needy for companionship and doesn't enjoy being alone or far away from us. Obviously, I panicked and threw myself on my bike to canvas the neighborhood. It didn't take long for me to spot her. A neighbor up the street was standing with her on a leash, keeping an eye out for anyone looking for a free spirited westie. Mella was completely unfazed, just sitting on there, howling a little bit and wagging her tail. She was found a block away, strolling the sidewalk of a busy street with fast moving cars. I was so incredibly relieved. I couldn't imagine anything happening to this little princess. I'm definitely not letting her out of my sight anymore. Her sunbasking is now under strict monitoring.

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