Thursday, April 21, 2011

JR & Toni

This is JR from Ohio. He's a pharma rep in town for new product training (a pretty intense 3 week course). JR is definitely a type A individual with an obsession to do and learn as much as possible at all times. He decided to get into a pharma after reading a packet insert (those wordy drug descriptions that explains its side effects, studies conducted etc). He found them fascinating and realized he would make a great rep considering his propensity to master new concepts. When he's not working, you'll find him remodeling homes, mountainbiking, playing sports (he was a RB and safety in college), working out, hiking etc. He's constantly on the move and so is his mind. As we were talking, he became preoccupied with the tile on the floor on which we were standing...he pointed out that out that it wasn't cut right. He wouldn't do it that way...he's always thinking about a better way to do things. A couple of years back (while camping), he had the idea to create a sleeping bag that inflates like an air mattress; it would be convenient to have it all in one. He didn't follow through on his idea and a few years later, he saw the exact same idea conceptualized and on sale in the Sky Mall magazine...
This is Toni from Atlanta. Like JR, she is a pharma rep in town for new product training. I can see why she's a successful rep - she's always smiling and has a very disarming personality. She also is a bit of a type A person which is certainly an advantageous trait in sales. I asked her if she think an overachieving personality is due to nature or nurture and she definitely believes it nature. She showed signs of her competitive spirit as early as third grade when she entered "Invent America" with her "stay put doggy bowl". It's basically a bowl with suction cups that keeps it in place. For a third grader, that's pretty impressive. In fact, my pup Mella could use one of those. 

She loves to push herself mentally and physically. For example, her goals right now are to become fluent in at least 4 languages and to travel the world. I know, it may seem cliche but after spending some time with Toni, I am a believer that she will actually accomplish her goals. Being away from home for 3 weeks, I asked her who she misses the most while away, and it's her nephew who's about to turn three. I am curious how her boyfriend feels about that....

She's goofy

Two great and similar personalities...I talked to them separately and although they were describing themselves, they might was well been describing each other. 

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